Hot dot register

Welcome to the HOT DOT™ register. This is a FREE service

This facility allows Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurance Investigators and Members of the Public worldwide to check if an asset is stolen or not.

A HOT DOT™ is a micro tag containing a unique AIN (Asset Identification Number) which has either been reported stolen or lost. In the event of the Asset being stolen the law enforcement agencies case number will be reflected in the result.
Once the status of the asset is ascertained, it is recommended that your course of action is one of the following:

You may purchase the asset once you have verified by email that the asset belongs to the owner who is selling it.
The “Whistle Blowing” button will appear under the dot number status report. You may then anonymously report the whereabouts of the asset to our Private Investigation Unit.
It is recommended that you DO NOT purchase this asset

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